Laser Adventures turns 9 on 1 August 2015

1 man, 1 dream and 9 years later still going strong!

Today marks the 9th Birthday of Laser Adventures and as we stand back and look over the past 9 years we are grateful for what we have overcome, achieved, shared, learned and experienced. As we look ahead we are excited to plan the future, share new ideas, put new plans into action and prepare for the new, exciting adventures that still lie ahead!

Other than the grey hair Nico has accumulated over the last 9 years he says that is the only low-light to be shared. He started off with a dream to have his own mobile team building company and today he can proudly stand up and say he has achieved his goal. However it does not end there. His “one-man-band” has become a strong 7 member team who are all experienced in their different departments and add their own unique talents and strengths to the group. Even though we are a mobile company and travel all over we are now the proud owners of our own office space and no longer gather where the dream began, at Nico’s personal home.

Since we are mobile we often get to travel and visit many places that fall under the “new places” category. In the past 9 years we have had the privilege to not only travel all over our beautiful country but to Namibia, and Zambia as well. The staff still sometimes compare the venues we visit and we often chat about the scenic trip to the Garden Route or the fresh-sea-air trip to the Cape. Not forgetting the luscious green grass and farmlands of Mpumalanga and the Free State. While travelling, and team building – of course – we meet friendly faces and make new friends. We always have the opportunity to spend some time with our clients before and after events and to share and exchange stories, experiences and generally a load of laughs.

The past 9 years have come and gone quickly, each year bringing its own challenges and adventures but we are always planning and improving on what we have learnt and what we know. We have added new games and activities to our list but we have a few more that we currently working on and will have to offer!

One of the activities we have added is Bridge Building. Teams are supplied with cardboard sheets and duct tape. The instructions they are given; is to build a bridge strong enough to support a golf cart to be driven from one side to the other. It is all about working together, communication, planning and building. Even though everyone holds their breath when the final moment has arrived we have only had success!

Our new and exciting activities we are working on; is the Great Escape and Guinness World Games. Watch this space for more information!

With our visits to Namibia and Zambia we have built up relationships with strong, influential companies. We are using these relationships as starting blocks to possibly expanding into Africa.

We, at Laser Adventures, would like to thank every individual and company that has played a role in our success.

We look forward to the future, to meeting new faces and making new friends, visiting “new places” and hosting more fun-filled and adventurous events.