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Kites are not just for kids anymore. This terrific team building event recaptures the child inside of all of us in this program designed for the great outdoors as you participate in a challenging team building kite building and flying contest. Starting with a dynamic presentation of kite designs, flying characteristics and construction techniques, teams are challenged with a number of competitive elements as they are challenge to construct a creative kite while incorporating their group, and company into the design and decoration. No kite team building program would be complete without taking the kites out to fly. The process is grounded in reality and uncertainly as the task and forces of nature, the kites and team will be judged in categories including” “Most Creative”; “Most Unique”; Highest Flyer” and best incorporation of the company or team as well as best crash, fastest ascent and more!

Suggested Extras: Photographer, Bandannas,  Trophies / Certificates / Prizes

Outcomes: Teamwork, Creativity and a lot of Fun!