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An Amazing Race is a fun, fast paced team event, where through a series of tasks and discoveries, teams are ultimately aiming to be the first at the finish line. Each amazing race is a completely tailor-made event, starting and finishing where and when you want it to, anywhere in South Africa. The end point remains a mystery until the participants get there. Based on the TV show, we add in fun, fast-passed teambuilding activities at the checkpoints. It all starts at a designated location, where the teams are briefed, given all equipment and their first task. A series of cryptic questions and clues lead each group to their next step on a scenic and fun trip around the designated area. A fantastic and fun event where we do all the work and you have all the fun!

Outcomes: Teamwork, Planning, and Problem Solving

Suggested Extras: Photographer, Bandannas, Transport, Trophies / Certificates / Prizes